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Emerging Authors Program

The Emerging Authors Program (EAP) is embedded in our Hybrid co-publishing model, and is designed primarily for debut or emerging writers who have the talent, but not necessarily the experience or platform, to merit a traditional publishing deal. This is a competitive program, a kind of literary incubator, aimed at those considering multiple books, or those with manuscripts that show lots of potential, but lack professional polish. Our aim for EAP is to place authors on a path to getting traditionally published someday. In fact, several of our EAP graduates have been offered traditional deals on subsequent books. Read some of our author testimonials.


Our Hybrid co-publishing model is the joint-venture managed publishing solution from Köehler Books that provides you with full distribution through Ingram to brick-and-mortar bookstores for print, as well as online retailers for print and digital. It also includes complete creative development, including editing and design, softcover, hardcover and ebook, 60% author royalties, all ISBNs, 20 copies of your book, high-quality printed books by LSI, a marketing program, as well as coaching and training of the author in a collaborative manner.

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The Emerging Authors Program is a competitive program designed primarily for debut or emerging writers who are considering multiple books or those with manuscripts that show lots of potential, but have a lack of professional polish.

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