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Audacious Social Impact: A Practical Guide to Building High-Performing Organizations That Deliver Great Social Value

Audacious Social Impact: A Practical Guide to Building High-Performing Organizations That Deliver Great Social Value

Social impact is the effect of an organization’s activities and outputs on the welfare of human beings, and is key to a healthy society. If we are willing to examine the root causes impeding organizations from achieving their missions and goals, we can then identify and address the roadblocks to scaling social impact. This is especially true now as we enter into this unprecedented era of a strengthening economy with a tight labor market combined with increasing tension between economic, social and political turmoil. Now more than ever there is an increased need to align business and economies in ways that increase positive social impact. Audacious Social Impact examines the “how” by providing key principles, systems, frameworks, examples, and, in some cases, tools that strive to advance meaningful solutions based on performance or outcomes measured through achievement. Drawing on decades of for-profit and nonprofit experiences and secondary research, four focus areas are required to execute a strategic plan in any organization. Author Maurice Woods introduces the four focus areas through practical, real-world examples. The intersection of the four focus areas forms the framework for audacious social impact.


Pages: 106
Pub Date: 01-26-2019
Softcover: 16.95 9781633937512
Hardcover: 22.95 9781633937536


The reviews are in…

". . . a unique cross-industry perspective on how to lead organizations to be both high-performing and socially impactful."

Chaka Booker, Managing Director, The Broad Center

Maurice Woods is a passionate executive with broad experience in delivering social and economic impact. Having gained over twenty-five years of success in entrepreneurial, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, he has evolved into a high-integrity leader known for acting quickly and boldly to link strategy, operations and people processes to drive performance-based results that help build high-performing organizations. He has co-authored multiple whitepapers and thought-leadership case studies including, Business and Information Technology Discipline-Closing the Execution Gap, Developing an eMarket Participant Adoption Program that Delivers, and Focus on Retail: Applying Automatic Identification to Improve Product Availability at the Retail Shelf. He received his MBA from Northwestern University-The Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

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