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When L. Thompson Kendal, a highly successful criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta with Mafia connections, sexually assaults his fifteen-year-old stepdaughter, Theodora “Teddy” Nelson, Teddy and her mother flee Atlanta and find refuge with the wealthy Andrews family. Under the leadership of its resolute matriarch, Elizabeth, the family helps Teddy deal with the trauma, but her story isn’t over yet. As she develops into an imposing adult, Teddy is forced to prove her indomitable nature time and time again. Can she overcome all of the obstacles in her path and find happiness at last?


Pages: 266
Pub Date: 02-20-2020
Softcover: 17.95 9781633939875
Hardcover: 28.95 9781633939899


Mike Frosolono previously authored two non-scientific books: Beyond Duty, a novel based upon the premise that duty performed in the absence of love becomes a cruel taskmaster, and Thoroughly Biased Opinions, an edited collection of the newspaper columns Mike wrote over the course of nine years for the Franklin County Citizen, a weekly newspaper published in Northeast Georgia. He is a lifelong professing member of the Christian Community of Believers who has facilitated adult Sunday School classes and youth groups, and held many administrative positions in local congregations, including current service as a Certified Lay Speaker. He received an undergraduate degree with a full double-major in biology and chemistry from LaGrange College, and an earned doctorate in biochemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mike has twenty years' subsequent experience each in basic academic biomedical research and in clinical research within the pharmaceutical industry, which produced more than 125 articles in the scientific literature and several new pharmaceutical products.

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