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Iceman Awakens

Iceman Awakens

“Nine strikes and a few sparks. Thirteen strikes and a spark caught a little smoke, but I hurried and blew too much while jostling the needles. Focus Gaspare. I felt the call deep within where my blood retreated to stay close to my heart. Focus. My head felt sluggish and my movements dragged with effort. Slowing my breathing I rearranged the needles on the bark and struck again–five strikes and the little spark became an ember.

Gaspare, in the role of a young Ötzi the Iceman, desperate to confront his fate and honor his father, receives the ultimate sacrifice. At thirteen with a gifted calling and promise of prophecy, he must face his failures, fight the oppression from his brothers, and learn to live in a society that deemed him a curse. This is Gaspare, the reborn Iceman found murdered on the Ötzal mountains as he begins his tale that led him to that fateful day. From questions surrounding the mystery of Ötzi’s mummy preserved from the Neolithic Era, this debut novel explores how he got some of his sixty-one tattoos, found his life’s purpose in his copper axe, and how he lived. Iceman Awakens speaks of the timeless voices of love, destiny, and betrayal.

Pages: 224
Pub Date: 11-14-2020
Softcover: 16.95 9781646632176


Sharon Krasny has worked as an educator for over sixteen years in Virginia and abroad teaching in both Hungary and the Czech Republic. She discovered a love of oral history from the people's enthusiasm in retelling their knowledge of old. As an English teacher, she has spent years encouraging students to take risks, look closely at the smallest details, and determine hidden meaning found within the text. Her own writing reflects these values. Sharon lives and writes in Northern Virginia with her husband, Prokop, and their rescue pets: Labrador Rupert and cat Bonnie.

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