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Company Profile

Koehler Books is a Virginia-based independent publisher founded in 2010. The company works with authors throughout the United States and around the globe. Koehler is a boutique publisher that stresses quality and collaboration with two models of publishing: traditional for agented top-shelf authors and hybrid/co-publishing for new and emerging authors. Both require a high-quality threshold for consideration.


Koehler Books has an award-winning creative design and editing staff that produce about ninety titles a year, and has published nearly 1000 titles in multiple fiction and non-fiction genres, as softcover, hardcover and Ebook. Koehler’s authors have won hundreds of literary awards, and their books have ranked as #1 new releases and #1 best sellers in various categories on Amazon. In 2017 Koehler Books won the IngramSpark Ignite Award for Best in Publishing.

Among Koehler’s most popular genres are thrillers and mysteries, self-help, health and wellness, military, historical, memoirs, business, biography, and young adult. To see all genres, visit the OUR BOOKS page.

All Koehler Book titles are distributed by Ingram, one of the largest global book printers and distributors, and are available at over 30,000 brick and mortar and online bookstores. Koehler titles are listed on Edelweiss, Overdrive, iPage and are represented by  Dropcap for foreign rights to publishers located around the world.

For more information contact john@koehlerbooks.com or joe@koehlerbooks.com