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The Family Bank: The Key to Generational Wealth

The Family Bank: The Key to Generational Wealth

For most people, qualifying for a loan isn’t a very pleasant experience: banks and financial institutions demand your highly sensitive information but may not know you or your values. Your family members and loved ones, on the other hand, care deeply about you and have a personal interest in your success. What if they were able to provide you with the financing you needed, and at a fraction of the interest other financial institutions would charge? And what if there were proper boundaries to prevent money from hurting your relationships and instead actually strengthen them?

Learn how some of the wealthiest families in history have prepared and ensured the financial success of their descendants for hundreds of years through The Family Bank. Its principles and practices are scalable to any amount of wealth and any family, and you can leave the same legacy.

Pages: 194
Pub Date: 08-15-2023
Softcover: 17.95 9798888240304
Hardcover: 24.95 9798888240328


John H. Nebeker has worked in the financial services industry for nearly two decades. He has earned multiple postgraduate degrees and received numerous industry awards for his accomplishments. John specializes in implementing unique but time-tested strategies for wealth creation, protection, and proliferation.

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