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Hell of Hosanna

Hell of Hosanna

Imagine the Empire State Building removed from New York City. Imagine that building reconstructed brick-by-brick on your father’s private island-the trappings of the past stolen from the public to indulge unfettered hypocrisy. This is James’s defeated and ravaged landscape when his father, Fep Anglish, successfully monopolizes all forms of industry into one perfect company called U atop the collapse of the old world.

Ownership becomes a thing of the past. Now, anyone can have anything-temporarily. Is this hosanna? Maybe on paper. But to James, the “rent and move on” lifestyle is a total hell. And in this hell, his impossible dream of becoming something fuels his transience and passivity.

This is reality until one strange day, when the whole thing comes tumbling down on itself and James finally gets the opportunity to break away. In a U space shuttle, he travels to the ultimate unknown in boundless space.

Freedom, finally? The real hosanna?

Pages: 276
Pub Date: 08-02-2022
Softcover: 18.95 9781646637423
Hardcover: 29.95 9781646637447


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Kip Langton is widely recognized for his creative achievements as a novelist and an advertising creative. His success as a novelist includes his Amazon bestseller, Hell of Hosanna. As for advertising, Kip has won or been shortlisted for over forty creative awards, including the Cannes Lion for Innovation, New York Festivals, Innovation by Design-Fast Company, London International Awards, W3 Award, Clio Award, The Shorty Social Good Award, Epica Award, and Communication Arts Award of Excellence. He is a versatile writer who works across genres and has held a variety of creative positions for some of the most famous agencies in the world. Kip lives in New York City.

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