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Experiential Learning: A Treatise on Education

Experiential Learning: A Treatise on Education

The modern education system is in dire need of reform. In Experiential Learning, Facemire provides key insights into how to change and break down the old systems and instill new ways of experiencing the educational process through student engagement.

What must be kept in constant mind are the benefits that cannot be measured: the greater sense of global awareness, the lifelong memories, the spiritual awakening. And these benefits should not be measured. Experiential learning can be a journey of intense personal worth, and this realm of benefit does not fall within the purview of ethical educational research. As one student put it, “You can’t get the experience any other way.”

Based on Facemire’s own research and experience, Experiential Learning provides a path forward for how to change our students’ lives for the better.

Pages: 112
Pub Date: 07-05-2022
Softcover: 14.95 9781646637126
Hardcover: 22.95 9781646637140


Brian A. Facemire has over fourteen years' experience as an international program leader of experiential study opportunities all over the world, from Yellowstone National Park to Borneo, as well as teaching government, world history, and politics. Brian has a master's degree in secondary history education from Old Dominion University and is currently working towards a second master's in classical archaeology at the University of Leicester. Brian has been selected for Teacher of Year as well as the Above and Beyond the Call awards and is a National Geographic Educator. Over the course of his career he has endeavored to instill a sense of adventure and travel in his students as a primary method to destroy ignorance. Brian formerly served on the executive board of the Virginia Gentlemen Foundation before being appointed by the Virginia Beach City Council to the Historical Review Board and is the proprietor of ExperientialStudy.com, LLC.

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