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The 80/20 CEO: Take Command of Your Business in 100 Days

The 80/20 CEO: Take Command of Your Business in 100 Days

The risk in leading a business is the same as in piloting an airplane: namely, crashing and burning. But what if you had an operating system to keep your business airborne until you wanted to land it? How much time would that OS save you? How much money?


Written by the creator of the Profitable Growth Operating System®, The 80/20 CEO: Take Command of Your Business in 100 Days is a detailed playbook for aspiring or accomplished senior-level executives who want to lead their organizations in profitable strategic growth and do so on demand, on track, on pace, and without surprises.

Pages: 260
Pub Date: 02-27-2024
Softcover: 18.95 979-8-88824-246-9
Hardcover: 26.95 979-8-88824-248-3


William Canady graduated summa cum laude from Elmhurst University with a bachelor of science in business administration and received his MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. He is a proud veteran of the United States Navy. Creator of the Profitable Growth Operating System®, Canady has over thirty years of experience as a global business executive in a variety of industries and markets focused on industrial and consumer products and services. As a leader, he aligns with key stakeholders to create a clear and compelling vision that rallies an organization to drive growth, control cost, and increase profitability. Canady currently serves as chief executive officer of two private equity–sponsored companies, OTC Industrial Technologies and Arrowhead Engineered Products.

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