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Tales the Night Walker Told

Tales the Night Walker Told

In the farm fields that flank the Sangamon River in rural Illinois, along the same banks where Abraham Lincoln once walked at midnight, another night walker, Dr. John Blair, wrestles with the demons of his past and the divisions in his present. Crossing the harvested fields with his grandson in the long autumn nights, Blair shares his insights into the sectarian and cultural struggles shredding his bucolic township, and forever shapes the young mind of Jack Blair.

The landscape-with its cluster of local farms, small belts of forest, and its fished-out hamlet-becomes a moral arena in which grandfather and grandson confront the problems stirring between two deeply rooted American traditions: individual conscience versus the “come ye out and be separate” mandate of a local messianic cult. Locked in a struggle for the hearts and minds of America’s plain people, the once-beloved country doctor becomes a leading figure in bringing about a brutal but ultimately healing catharsis, and emerges as Emerson’s ideal sage: “a man whose wisdom flowers like corn growing in the night.”

Pages: 186
Pub Date: 05-10-2021
Softcover: 16.95 9781646633128
Hardcover: 25.95 9781646633142


After graduating from college, Andrew served in the Army and was stationed overseas as a field medic. Honorably discharged in 1963 with the rank of corporal, he received his PhD from Minnesota in 1968 and subsequently worked at Buffalo, University of Arizona, and LSU. Recently retired from LSU as chair of the Communication Department and holder of the Hopkins Chair of Communication and Rhetoric, Andrew King has written numerous articles and books on the area of communication and power, including Communication and Power (1987) and Postmodern Communication (1991). He also served as editor of the Southern Communication Journal, the QJS, and the KB Journal, and as vice president and president of the Kenneth Burke Society. In 2018 he published a novel, The World in Yellow Leaf. He is married and has three children and four grandchildren living in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Maryland.

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