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Rendezvous Tahiti

Rendezvous Tahiti

Rendezvous Tahiti is a true story of love, life, death, and redemption. It takes place during the era of the Vietnam war. A young soldier returns from the war unscathed, or so he thought. He finds the country very different from when he left. Returning troops are spit upon and Americans burn American flags. In his quest for employment in this hostile environment he finds (by an incredible twist of fate) an opportunity that will change his life forever. The author invites you to go along on the incredible adventure that follows.

Pages: 208
Pub Date: 07-01-2015
Softcover: 16.95 1-63393-056-4
Ebook: 4.49 978-1-63393-057-5


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William Stephan has been in travel marketing for over forty years and has traveled to 127 countries. He served as executive vice president to a national travel agency franchise with 300 travel agency members. He also founded a travel agent marketing organization that he grew to 11,000 members in only three years.

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