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On Crosswords

On Crosswords

On Crosswords covers three major, interrelated topics: crossword history, kinds of crosswords and how crosswords relate to everything else. “Everything else” includes a breathtaking range of topics: marriage proposals, national politics, software development, counterespionage, typography and racism are just some of the high points. Readers will meet the personalities who have made the art form what it is today, and discover the many subspecies of crossword, each with its own personality. And they will walk away with the most complete understanding of the form that any single book can give.

Pages: 184
Pub Date: 06-01-2013
Softcover: 14.95 978-1-938467-46-2
Ebook: 6.99 9781938467806


The reviews are in…

T Campbell is the author of the world’s largest “New York Times-standard” crossword puzzle, as well as the sci-fi crossword collection Crossworlds and various puzzles in anthologies edited by the nationally syndicated Peter Gordon and Benjamin Tausig. An award-winning editor and author of nine graphic novels, Campbell does the Times crossword every Sunday.

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