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Long Distance

Long Distance

Katrina is just a normal girl navigating a series of challenges and discovering her own strength. Through difficult medical school classes, infidelity, tragic loss, and a ruthless attack, a guardian angel is there for her to vent her problems to. She thought this guardian angel was just a reflection of her own misplaced hope-until one message changes everything.

Just when all seems lost, something or someone is there to save her. Is it all in her mind, or has fate played a hand? Does fortune favor the brave, or will evil find her first? And what does a handsome Prince Charming have to do with it all? Come along for a nail-biting journey and an ending that no one will see coming, especially our young heroine.

Pages: 148
Pub Date: 04-11-2023
Softcover: 16.95 9781646639434
Hardcover: 24.95 9781646639458


Sean Bernatowicz is an emerging author from rural West Virginia. In college, he obtained a degree in psychology and was working on another in biochemistry when his mother passed away unexpectedly. He decided to transform the world in her honor. Working in emergency services has also fostered a true ambition of changing hearts. His ultimate aspiration is to start a charity and inspire with the written word.

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