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This Civilian Sh*t is Hard: From the Cockpit, Cubicle, and Beyond

This Civilian Sh*t is Hard: From the Cockpit, Cubicle, and Beyond

Former US Navy pilot Dan Bozung graduated from the Harvard Business School and took what should have been a seamless civilian transition and skillfully crafted it into a series of bungled misadventures that left him chastened, defeated, and a complete asshole.What the hell happened? How could someone with every possible advantage upon entering the private sector screw it up so royally? That is precisely what Bozung seeks to find out.Comical. Infuriating. Incisive. This Civilian Sh*t Is Hard is a cautionary tale for transitioning veterans and a rally cry for those doing hard time in the corporate cubicle, struggling to find their way in today’s workplace.


Pages: 162
Pub Date: 09-24-2020
Softcover: 14.95 9781646631520
Hardcover: 24.95 9781646631544


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Dan Bozung grew up in Southern Indiana and Western Michigan. He enlisted in the United States Navy at age seventeen and joined a family tradition of naval service dating to World War I. Upon graduation from the US Naval Academy in 1997, he became a Navy pilot, and flew missions throughout Asia and the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Since leaving active duty in 2005, Dan has worked as an unskilled construction laborer, public sector consultant, speech writer, supply chain performance engineer, corporate spokesperson and media advisor, strategic marketing consultant, assistant vice president of mechanical operations for a railroad, vice president of industrial filtration sales, and as the general manager of a midsize manufacturing business. Dan holds an MBA from Harvard. He and his family live in Kansas City, Missouri.

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