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Sita and the Prince of Tigers

Sita and the Prince of Tigers

When Sita first meets the Prince of Tigers, she embarks on a path that will lead to a life filled with deep love and even deeper tragedy. Navigating different worlds, moving from her life in the small village to the jungle and later to the palace of the maharajah, she must dig deep within to find the strength to make difficult decisions while staying true to herself.

Laugh and cry with her as she experiences the highs and lows of parenting and sees hope in future generations. Sita and the Prince of Tigers examines relatable themes of love and loss, hope and discouragement, and happiness and sorrow as Sita faces the best and worst of what life can bring, confronting both with courage and a strong sense of purpose.

Pages: 262
Pub Date: 10-25-2022
Softcover: 17.95 9781646638024
Hardcover: 27.95 9781646638048


Winona Howe taught literature and writing classes at La Sierra University for twenty-five years. She has presented conference papers and published articles and chapters on many topics, including C. S. Lewis, Wilkie Collins, J. K. Rowling, Charles Dickens, the Australian detective novelist Arthur Upfield, film director Alfred Hitchcock, and the film The Professionals. An enthusiastic traveler, Winona has visited all seven continents, and India has been one of her favorite destinations; she began writing Sita and the Prince of Tigers there after she observed the combination of beauty, power and self-possession of tigers in the wild. Winona loves spending time with her family; she also likes to sit in her rose garden and continue her childhood habit of reading books.

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