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My Father Wakes Up Laughing

My Father Wakes Up Laughing

In this biography of her parents, Jo Simons chronicles how the oldest orchestra conductor in the country, Ed Simons (now 99), and his wife, Janet, enriched the musical opportunities in Rockland County, New York from 1950 to the present. This humorous and joyful personal biography reveals how Ed and Janet revolutionized Rockland’s music scene, and also inspired four generations of musical family members.

Published by Jo Simons

Pages: 314
Pub Date: 01-23-2017
Softcover: 18.96 978-1-63393-448-1
Hardcover: 32.44 978-1-63393-449-8
Ebook: 6.99


The reviews are in…

"Jo's romp through her family's personal and public history keeps just the right balance between insider perspective and music history review, with plenty of her clear, warm voice to carry the reader through."

–Miriam Hall, writing teacher