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The Ten Commandments of Management

The Ten Commandments of Management

The Ten Commandments of Management contains 10 things managers need to know how to do, using proven business models mixed with solid Biblical teaching. Following these Management Commandments will make it more likely that you will feel successful as a manager and that those who report to you will be effective, productive and successful as well. What could be better than discovering a way to achieve a win/win outcome in your business? Christians are called to respect and care for all people; so are managers. This is the underlying philosophy of The Ten Commandments of Management. Too many U.S. managers still operate from a parent-to-child paradigm when they manage. Read The Ten Commandments of Management to learn how to manage adults by being an adult.

Pages: 168
Pub Date: 10-01-2014
Softcover: 13.95 978-1-940192-30-7
Ebook: 7.49 978-1-940192-61-1


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As a writer of management training courses, articles on the change in the U.S. employment paradigm in the post-downsizing era, and countless sermons, the Rev. Palmer Hartl strives to help his reader take the conceptual and make it practical. Using his unique skills and experience as a writer, minister, pastoral psychotherapist, business consultant and corporate senior manager, he is called on frequently to teach and consult with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. His frequent goal is to help managers get the most work done while treating their people with dignity and care. In his ongoing church work, Mr. Hartl seeks to connect the Gospel message to issues people wrestle with in their contemporary lives.

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