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Guilt Before Innocence

Guilt Before Innocence

A blood-soaked body is found in one of Virginia Beach’s ocean front hotels. The only clues are a business card and an artist’s knife – both belong to Caitlin Connor. Not only was she the last known person to see him alive, the police believe she is guilty of murder. To make matters worse, the lead detective is Wade Broussard, a man she hoped never to see again. Sparks ignite between them as the evidence mounts against her. The police have built a case to prove her guilt. Can Caitlin prove her innocence? Or will she be the killer’s next victim?

Guilt Before Innocence is part of the Beach Murder Mysteries collection of books.

Self Published by Rue Elliott

Pages: 194
Pub Date: 03-01-2012
Softcover: 14.95 0984031677


The reviews are in…

“Guilt Before Innocence is a delight, filled with unexpected twists and enriched by a deftly rendered setting along the oceanfront of Virginia Beach. With a fresh, honest voice, and with insight, humor, and compassion, Rue Elliott explores not just the murky depths behind a series of murders, but the deeper mystery of how submerged truths are revealed by the processes of art, and the deepest mystery of all, the ways love lives on in wounded hearts.”

— Tim Farrington, author of The Monk Downstairs and Lizzie’s War