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Having snagged a job for a high-end swamp tour company, Jack Cane Landry-Louisiana homeboy and self-professed swamp rat-wants to ditch school and guide fulltime. Poised, attractive, and well-traveled, Olivia FitzGerald loves her private New York City prep school and is Harvard bound. When Olivia and her philanthropist father jet in for a tour Jack will help guide, these wildly different teens are flung together in dire circumstances. The plane carrying the party to their remote campsite crashes, and Jack and Olivia are the only apparent survivors. Jack soon learns his swamp savvy may not be enough to assure their rescue, but can this rich city girl rise to a challenge where the stakes are life and death? As the teens face down lethal reptiles, a prowling swamp cat, a gun-toting ne’er-do-well, and weather intent on killing them, Swamped! wraps nonstop adventure into an unlikely love story.

Pages: 240
Pub Date: 01-13-2023
Softcover: 19.95 9781646638857
Hardcover: 30.95 9781646638871


Hillary Wells (Ken's niece) is a writer, comedian, and producer who rose from the bayous of South Louisiana to the Los Angeles comedy scene. These days she resides in New Orleans where, in between comedy gigs and cooking up gumbo, she works in the state's burgeoning filmmaking industry. This is her first novel.

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Ken Wells grew up with one foot in the Louisiana swamps, the second of six sons of an alligator-hunting father and a gumbo-cooking mother. A longtime writer for The Wall Street Journal, he's authored five novels of the Cajun bayous, including the coming-of-age classic, Meely LaBauve. He divides his time between Chicago and a log cabin in the wilds of Maine.

All books by this author