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The Courage to Be You

The Courage to Be You

Author Cheryne Blom helps you develop authentic happiness. She guides you into the delicate layers of your unconscious world to reveal what is at the core of self-doubt, self-pity and self-sabotage. Blom identifies a duality between two sides to the personality- the Ego-Self and the Authentic Essence that can either work against or in harmony with each other. You will learn what is at the core of your fear. How to get your Ego-self unstuck. How to dissolve self-limiting beliefs and connect to an inner fountain of Self-love. How to flip your fear mindset into a faith mindset. Blom’s “Happiness Formula” explains how to navigate stressful or challenging situations to ensure you are responding from your calm self rather than your fear. With this book you will learn the courage to be you.


Pages: 262
Pub Date: 08-31-2019
Softcover: 18.95 9781633938465
Hardcover: 26.95 9781633938489
Ebook: 7.99 9781633938472


Cheryne Blom has worked as a Self-Empowerment Coach and Mindfulness teacher for over a decade. She is passionate about helping you rediscover your unique strengths, virtues and purpose so that you can actualize your full potential and thrive. In 2009 Cheryne published her first book, Be Enthused-52 Weeks of Enthusiasm, which encapsulates the diversity of her message. Her blog, Be You Be True has had close to 500,000 views and her podcast Peace in My Pocket are enjoyed by over 50,000 people since 2017. Born in South Africa, raised in the United States and living now in Australia, Cheryne considers herself to be a biltong-burger-loving Ugg-boot fanatic. When she is not life-coaching, writing, course-creating, podcasting, speaking or meditating, Cheryne can be found with her three children and beloved boxer, Chester playing at a bayside beach with her feet immersed in water. Cheryne's personal mission is to inspire one million people to live courageous lives by the year 2022.

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