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Reflections of My Life

Reflections of My Life

Reflections of my life is an autobiography of my life so far. Perhaps a short one, but certainly a very intense and a very real one, making me the man I am proud to be today-proud of what I have been through, as each experience was a life lesson destined to be on my path.


Pages: 74
Pub Date: 12-10-2020
Softcover: 13.95 9781646631797
Hardcover: 22.95 9781646631810


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Paul Kuypers has always been intrigued and fascinated with the spiritual world. He started his spiritual journey with tarot cards. Later in life he felt he needed to grow further and undertook his first Reiki level 1 course and continued to become the great Reiki master teacher he is now. He has always had the urge to write, and previously published Healing Messages from Above, a collection of messages he has received for the purposes of sharing positivity with the world.

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