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Transforming Tears

Transforming Tears

In 1936 in a small village in Malaya, three-year-old Ah Veng bounds happily along the riverbank as his father fishes only a few feet away, both oblivious to the tragedy about to ensue. Who could have known a poison fish would be the cause of their family’s downfall?

Confused and lost after the death of his father, Ah Veng embarks on a journey of escape, survival, and, finally, new beginnings. Fleeing an environment of abuse only to stumble headlong into years of neglect amid the horrifying fallout of war, Ah Veng finds himself homeless, with no real family, history or past—until, long after he’s given up hope, he discovers that true kindness does exist, and that those born without advantage or happiness can find both. Transforming Tears is based on a true story that walks down the darkest paths in life, bringing hope and peace to light even when all seems lost in the night.


Pages: 296
Pub Date: 12-28-2019
Softcover: 18.95 9781633939905
Hardcover: 26.95 9781633939929


Janna Herron is a diligent music therapy and English student at Texas Woman’s University who has dedicated her writing to making ordinary voices heard. Throughout her life, she has juggled various activities in church, school, and the community, striving to gain a better understanding of all people and to make a difference.

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