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The Maine Consecration

The Maine Consecration

Daniel Furman, Sarah, and Victor return in The Maine Consecration, the second book in the Turtle on a Fence Post series.

When Daniel Furman loses his father and the love of his life, Mishael, disappears, he leaves a promising professional tennis career behind to work for his father’s friend Victor. Eventually he finds comfort in a new romance and settles into a relatively tranquil life.

But then he learns the fate of his beloved Mishael. Tumbling into a world of terrorism, he ends up at the center of a centuries-old religious conflict where God becomes synonymous with earthly power and wealth, and revenge the only strategy. To escape the chaos, he reluctantly joins Victor on a trip to Maine. What will happen when he discovers the whole truth about Mishael and his father-and Victor himself?

Pages: 340
Pub Date: 05-23-2023
Softcover: 21.95 9781646639885
Hardcover: 30.95 9781646639908


Brandon Currence grew up in Florida and North Carolina and received his master of architecture degree from North Carolina State University. He moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia, and has practiced architecture in Hampton Roads for over forty years. Brandon has been a life-long tennis, baseball, and softball player as well as a youth baseball coach for fifteen years. He has been the District 1 commissioner of Babe Ruth Leagues of Virginia since 2002. The Maine Consecration is the sequel to his first book, Looking for the Seams. He draws from over fifty years of experience in business, design, technology, and sports.

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