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Bottom Feeder

Bottom Feeder

In the bayou behind Martin Landry’s home lurks a hungry killer, a monster of extraterrestrial origins. When Martin’s son, Oscar, unwittingly encounters the mysterious bottom feeder and becomes its first human victim, what follows could mean the end of mankind-unless three veteran lawmen find a way to track and stop this alien menace.

Pages: 280
Pub Date: 05-31-2022
Softcover: 19.95 9781646636709
Hardcover: 28.95 9781646636723


James Davison is the author of two previous books, the nuclear thriller Trinity 3.11 and a fictional memoir of the oldest man alive, I Am Lazarus. Davison draws inspiration from his years as a journalist, a public information officer in the federal government, and in law enforcement, which gives his books a visceral realism. A native of Louisiana, he is an accomplished cook, a musician, an avid fly fisherman, and competitive powerlifter. He and his wife live and work in Virginia.

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