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Author Direct Book Orders

Author Direct book orders are priced near wholesale and are intended only for our authors. They do not count towards author royalties, but do count towards the Hybrid model 2000 book threshold to secure a traditional deal for your next book.

Any books ordered before the publication date are considered Advanced Review Copies and will not be refunded or replaced. All book orders intended for companies, schools, stores or any other entity other than the author should be placed using this page.

We advise you to indicate ASAP under the desired delivery. If you put a date that is less that 3 weeks for softcovers or 4 weeks for hardcover, we may use rush printing charges.

    Author Direct Orders from Koehler Books

    Quantity desired

    Feel free to ask for multiple quantity options so you can see the volume discounts. Minimum order is one box. A box of books may vary from 20 copies for a large book, to 50 copies for a small book. We will send you a prices for all options you select, followed by a Pay Pal invoice based on the final quantity you select. You pay it with a credit card and we will place the order. Remember that these books do NOT count towards your royalties.

    Be advised that simultaneous softcover and hardcover orders almost always ship separately. 


    Wholesale Orders

    Retailers and bookstores who already have an account with Ingram can order through iPage, your distributor, or any Ingram-friendly ordering system you already use. You may also order through Edelweiss.
    Retailers and bookstores who do not have an account with Ingram may open one online, at this link: https://getstarted.ingramcontent.com/

    Sponsors, companies, schools etc. affiliated with an author may order direct wholesale from Koehler Books using this page.

    Printing Errors & Replacements

    Occasionally books are printed with physical errors: torn covers, smears of ink, wrong interior. We apologize when this occurs as quality is important to you and to us. Since the books are shipped directly from the printer, it is the responsibility of the author or person in receipt of the books to send us photographic proof of the errors so that replacements can be ordered by Koehler Books. Saying there is a problem will not suffice. We must—and the printer must—see physical photographic evidence of the errors.

    Things to do:

    • Please take photos of ALL the books with errors.
    • Shoot the cover and inside page with the error.
    • Stack all the books with the same errors and show at least 5 with the error exposed.
    • Indicate the number of books that need to be replaced, as well as the shipping address.
    • Koehler Books will then work with the printer to ship replacements.
    • Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.