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Assassin’s Revenge

Assassin’s Revenge

Dr. Samantha Stone of The SOOF returns for a new adventure in Assassin’s Revenge.

After a wildly successful mission in the Sea of Okhotsk, environmental scientist Samantha and Captain Ira Coen’s submarine crew return home as international heroes. For the next year, Samantha leads an idyllic life-until one of the leaders of the Russian coup Samantha helped foil escapes capture. Determined to avenge his failure against those he deems responsible, he crafts a hit list and successfully carries out four assassinations. Samantha would be number five.

Suddenly, Samantha’s life is turned upside down as she suffers one horrific attempt on her life after another. But the assassin soon realizes that Samantha is not easy prey. When she decides to turn the tables on the insane, skilled killer bent on her destruction, the resulting cat-and-mouse game is filled with one heart-pounding encounter after another. Who will survive?

Pages: 282
Pub Date: 10-18-2022
Softcover: 17.95 9781646637997
Hardcover: 27.95 9781646638017


Samuel Tooma worked for the Navy as a civilian physical oceanographer for over thirty-six years. In that time, he worked on submarines; Navy aircraft; Navy, Coast Guard, and civilian ships; and spent time in scientific camps on the Arctic Ocean ice pack. He spent two years as the environmental science advisor on the staff of the commander of the submarine forces in the Pacific (COMSUBPAC), after which he was awarded the Meritorious Civilian Service medal by Admiral Austin Scott. Samuel also worked as an editor for technical publications for the Naval Oceanographic Office for over two years and has published six scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, nine papers in other technical publications, one trade magazine article, and numerous papers printed in the proceedings of technical symposia.

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