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Your Rejection, God’s Protection

Your Rejection, God’s Protection

Whether you are a CEO, a stay-at-home mom, or a student, at some point in life you will experience rejection! Rejection will attempt to interrupt the plans for your life, your success, and your happiness. It may cause you to feel bitter, angry, and resentful. But what if your rejection was actually God’s way of protecting you? What if challenges happened in your life so that you could share your testimony of deliverance and empower others? Your Rejection, God’s Protection analyzes the response of several characters in the Bible who were rejected and highlights modern day testimonies of those who have experienced adversity and overcome. The reader is provided with a unique viewpoint on rejection and how God rejects, protects, and strategically maneuvers us through painful circumstances into one of hope. By applying the principles in the book, you will see rejection in a new light, to help you live life more abundantly.

Pages: 138
Pub Date: 12-15-2017
Softcover: 14.95 978-1633935112
Hardcover: 24.95 978-1633935136
Ebook: 7.99


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Cheryl and Micah Chavers have over 20 years' experience in Christian leadership, serving as advocates for strong healthy families. Having facilitated trainings and workshops in the United States and internationally, Cheryl and Micah desire to empower people to seek God and maximize their potential. With an eclectic background in human and community services, crisis counseling, disaster preparedness, music and radio, they have ministered to many people. Through their expertise and personal life challenges, they have developed practical tools to help others triumph and overcome adversity.

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