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The Dark Attic: A Tai Ji Tale

The Dark Attic: A Tai Ji Tale

A mysterious supercomputer connected to Stephen’s wheelchair somehow sends both him and his erstwhile new friend Alex into a virtual reality where fairy tales are made real and their challenges even more so. Can this fantasy world save Stephen’s real life or help with the search for Alex’s lost mother?

The Dark Attic mixes the magic and philosophy of Tai Ji Quan (also known as Tai Chi) with a healthy dose of sci-fi realism, ultimately revealing the importance of belonging, friendship, and family.

Pages: 150
Pub Date: 11-29-2022
Softcover: 19.95 9781646638260
Hardcover: 32.95 9781646638284


Luke Prater lived an idyllic childhood in the beautiful, antebellum town of Newnan, Georgia, in the 1980s and '90s. He earned a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia in Athens, and later a degree in electrical engineering from Kennesaw State. He worked in Atlanta as an engineer until 2020, when he joined his wife, Sophia, in self-employment and they moved north. Luke enjoys Mexican food, reading and writing sci-fi and fantasy, hiking and identifying trees, and long mornings sipping coffee on his deck overlooking the North Georgia Mountains.

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Tom Voychehovski was born and educated in Poland. He worked as a pediatrician in Poland, West Africa, and the US. He is also an inventor and philosopher who has worked as a Tai Ji, skiing, sailing, and worldview writing instructor. (My Worldview. Dr. Tom's Method is available on Kindle). He writes essays on philosophy, evolution, and the environment (ecohumanistlab.com), and his website is Philozophy.com. The Dark Attic is his first book.

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