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Remembering Olympus

Remembering Olympus

Aaron Payne is a typical urban professional running away from his impoverished past. Intelligent and pragmatic, he rises above grocery budgets and the low expectations of his peers only to find himself buried in corporate middle management. Seemingly by coincidence, he meets Miranda Reed, a beautiful gentrified heiress.  Unwavering in his plan to gain social respectability, he carves a niche for himself among the very wealthy only to have it unexpectedly taken away. Psychologically traumatized, he is thrown into a crisis of identity where he begins to remember improbable things about his true nature. When he crosses paths with Claire Vinson, an enigmatic publisher, both become entangled in an ensuing mystery as Aaron begins to remember pieces of another existence that will pull him into a maze of shifting time and past lives.

In pursuit of ‘who he is’, Aaron makes questionable choices setting off a string of dangerous events that threaten the destiny of those around him as he adjusts to his new ‘self’.

Prophetic in tone, Remembering Olympus is a mystical revelation that peels back the layers of certainty, challenges perceptions of reality, and gets to the question. Are humans more than mere mortals?

Pages: 275
Pub Date: 05-01-2015
Softcover: 17.95 978-1-940192-99-4
Ebook: 7.99 978-1-633930-50-6


The reviews are in…

"Remembering Olympus offers readers a complex collage of interspersed layers of romance, philosophy, and mystery."

-Jane Peterson, Ph D.

Royce Murcherson holds a Ph.D. in English specializing in rhetoric, composition, and comparative literature. Currently, she is a professor of English in Dallas, Texas. Having taught for seventeen years, her teaching areas are American and African-American literature, creative writing, composition, business writing and visual rhetoric. Her interests include the literary genre of magical realism, Eastern philosophy and Jungian psychology. Royce will be a guest writer on the fundamentals of creative writing for the online publication, On Purpose Magazine. Prior to teaching literature and writing, Royce spent several years in the business world and has recently published an instructional book, The Guide to Persuasive Business Writing: A New Model that Gets Results. Royce is also a guest writer on business writing and workplace etiquette for BOSS, a business and office systems support resource at Richland College.

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