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The Chronicles of Stanley the Pug

The Chronicles of Stanley the Pug

Stanley the Pug liked to get into mischief, but he liked making his masters happy even more. A loyal companion for seventeen years to the Newhalls, Stanley was not just an amazing and funny character, but a member of the family, helping Chuck Newhall cope with tough times and tragedies. While he was not a trained doctor, Stanley still dispensed love and joy, curing all who were lucky enough to know him. This is his story.

Pages: 60
Pub Date: 12-15-2021
Softcover: 21.95 9781646636228
Hardcover: 32.95 9781646636242


Charles W. "Chuck" Newhall is a prolific writer, having written about his experiences in Vietnam, his beautiful gardens, and the history of venture capitalism. In this new book, Newhall shows us his whimsical side with the creation of a children's book about his late pug, Stanley.

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