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Teddy Rex: Secret Veggiesaurus

Teddy Rex: Secret Veggiesaurus

Meet Teddy, a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex. Well . . . maybe not so ferocious. Teddy has a BIG juicy secret that he hides from his family. Teddy’s family likes to eat meat. But Teddy is different. Very different.But in the end, Teddy overcomes and his secret is revealed.


Pages: 44
Pub Date: 09-10-2016
Softcover: 12.95 978-1-63393-324-8
Hardcover: 19.95 978-1-63393-353-8
Ebook: 4.99 978-1-63393-352-1


The reviews are in…

“Teddy Rex is just about as good as it gets as it offers a fresh take on being different, friendship and acceptance. As a mother of three, I especially loved the ending which speaks volumes as we are reminded that parental love knows no bounds.”

—Aleena Johnson, author of While My Dad is Gone

John Köehler is the author of seven books and is the publisher at Köehler Books Publishing. He is an award-winning graphic designer and was the director of Young Life Capernaum in Hampton Roads, a ministry for kids with disabilities. John is the 1991 Boomerang World Champ and coached the U.S. Team to a World Championship in 2002. John is married to his beautiful Patty and father to the awesome Kimmi and Danielle, grandfather to Eli and Lilli.

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Kellie R. Emery is a graphic designer and illustrator of four books. She has an obsession with shiny lights and loves to paint on both faces and canvases. One day, Kellie plans on moving to Ireland with her polar bear friend, Toulouse, where they will make cookies and cheesecakes.

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