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Dragons are among the earliest mammals to appear on Earth. They arose during the late Cretaceous Period. Over time, they settled into different environments, which led to the development of different dragon species. Dragona provides insight into the evolution and natural history of fire dragons: their physical characteristics, their social behaviors, and their interactions with humans. People who are fascinated with dragons will find their tales intriguing and entertaining. Illustrations of each species of fire dragons support their individual stories.

Pages: 162
Pub Date: 08-29-2023
Softcover: 15.95 9798888240632
Hardcover: 23.95 9798888240656


Mary Elizabeth Ames is an author. Her previous novels in the Homo transformans series include Homo transformans: The Origin and Nature of the Species; H'Ilgraith, a silver medalist in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards and gold medalist in the Feathered Quill Awards; and Raephela. Ms. Ames has a master of science degree in biology. She incorporates the science of biology and genetics into her narratives to imbue them with a sense of realism and to provide an understanding of how genes function.

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