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A Stellar Purpose

A Stellar Purpose

MEET AVERY, a well-rounded, fifteen-year-old girl who suddenly has the power to enter an alternate dimension where she discovers her life’s purpose-to protect animals and help save the planet before it’s too late. Thrilled to unmask the hidden mysteries found within this parallel universe but overwhelmed with the pressure of knowing that the fate of the animal kingdom is in her hands, Avery can finally breathe a sigh of relief when she learns that she is not alone.


Follow Avery as she tries to cope with this new reality while juggling the rest of her life-which includes investigating her nagging suspicion that the new owners of the local zoo are up to no good.

Pages: 200
Pub Date: 09-27-2022
Softcover: 17.95 9781646637812
Hardcover: 25.95 9781646637836


Natacha Belair is the Award-Winning Author behind the A Stellar Purpose series; a unique and thought-provoking narrative that uses fantasy to address real-life topics such as animal rights, environmental care, and positive social change. In these novels, Natacha masterfully intertwines memorable characters with colourful backdrops and mind-boggling theories—delivering captivating, sci-fi-filled adventures set in inspirational storylines. Raised in a French-Canadian household entertained by American fiction, Natacha longed to share her debut title with her unilingual loved ones. Lux&Nox granted her wish when they published Mission céleste. When she’s not writing, or chatting with her fans, Natacha enjoys spending warm days outdoors with her husband, two teenage daughters and her fur babies.

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