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New Releases—January 2023

New Releases—January 2023

Saturday is a take on the classic movie Mean Girls but has the unique twists and turns of a suspense novel. Each page introduces you deeper to the main characters and the understanding of their personalities and challenges. Saturday covers a wide range of topics that...

Our Best Year to Date: 2022

Looking back over the past year there is much to be proud of and pleased about. From a business standpoint we did very well, and from a creative standpoint our work continues to shine, and our we are fortunate to have collaborated with 100 authors from around the...

An Interview with Jim Zervanos

An Interview with Jim Zervanos

  One minute Jim Zervanos was carrying his one-year-old boy to a baseball game; the next, he was in the ER, where for days he lay in limbo, being strangled from the inside. Teams of the best doctors were stumped by his worsening condition, before telling him...

New Releases—December 2022

New Releases—December 2022

When parents of minor children divorce or separate, they don’t get to just walk away from each other forever. They must still communicate in order to best care for their children. Unfortunately, conversations, texts, and emails can be weighed down by years of...

The Miracle Child

By Kelly and Michael Lang

IN THE MIRACLE CHILD, KELLY AND MICHAEL Lang share their alternating and unique thoughts over the days and years following the tragic car incident that fractured their family and their lives, revealing the power of persistence, faith, acceptance, and above all, the commitment of family, encouraged when a pediatric neurologist calls their three-year-old daughter “the Miracle Child.”

The Silence in the Sound

By Dianne C. Braley

THE SILENCE IN THE SOUND details the devastating effects of growing up with addiction. Growing up with an alcoholic father and an enabling mother, Georgette clings to the loving memory of a childhood trip to Martha’s Vineyard to help see her through the bad times; and now, as an adult, she returns to the island to start her life over. But everything changes when she encounters the mysterious Dock.

Hell of Hosanna

By Kip Langton

IN HELL OF HOSANNA, OWNERSHIP becomes a thing of the past. Now, anyone can have anything-temporarily. Is this hosanna? Maybe on paper. But to James, the “rent and move on” lifestyle is a total hell. And in this hell, his impossible dream of becoming something fuels his transience and passivity. This is reality until one strange day, when the whole thing comes tumbling down on itself and James finally gets the opportunity to break away as he travels to the ultimate unknown in boundless space.


Featured Author

Jim Zervanos

Author of That Time I Got Cancer: A Love Story 


Q. Your new book, That Time I Got Cancer: A Love Story, came out this November. What inspired you to write it?


I didn’t write a word until I felt healthy and fully recovered—a year after the illness struck and six months after I’d finished chemotherapy. At first, I was motivated by practical concerns, to document the clinical story for my own safekeeping. But it wasn’t long before the whole saga came rushing out of me. I wrote in Philadelphia cafes for hours at a time and at a pace my fingers could hardly keep up with, sometimes with tears streaming down my cheeks. When I shared those earliest pages with my most cherished writer friends, they told me, you’re writing a book, keep it going.



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