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Lady Be Good is a Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Book of the Year

Lady Be Good is a Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Book of the Year

Lady Be Good: The Life and Times of Dorothy Hale was a Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Book of the Year in the category of Indie Historical Fiction. Read more to check out the full article!   Lady Be Good transports us to the glittering, sumptuous era of 1920s New York...

The Chase Wins 6 Honorable Mention Awards

The Chase Wins 6 Honorable Mention Awards

The Chase, written by Hoyt A. Byrum and Mario Busacca, has been awarded 6 Honorable Mention awards by the New England Book Festival, New York Book Festival, and London Book Festival; Beach Book Festival, Los Angles Book Festival, and San Francisco Book Festival!...

Let Yourself Be Loved: Big Lessons From a Little Life

By Elizabeth Leon

LET YOURSELF BE LOVED EXPLORES THE HEART of a mother carrying a baby to term with the certainty of death. Diagnosed with trisomy 18, John Paul Raphael Leon lived only twenty-eight hours and ten minutes. Elizabeth Leon writes with unflinching honesty about the tsunami of grief and the exquisite agony of choosing to live and love in its wake.

The Stars on Vita Felice Court

By Emily H. Keefer

VAL BECKLEY IS FACING WHAT MANY TEENAGERS DO-a yearning to escape her small town in hopes of becoming something more. Discovering new meanings of home, love, and family, Val takes a journey that leads her to the most unexpected discoveries of all: what resides in her own heart, what creates a happy life, and where she truly belongs.

Gemini Divided 

By Lauren Kristen Roberts

Everyone has secrets, but the skeletons in Jen’s closet are bigger than most: by day, she writes fanfiction for her favorite TV show, Gemini Divided, but by night, she works as an assassin to pay her mother’s chemotherapy bills. Her world tilts on its axis the day she is assigned to kill Will Bryant-the handsome and charming star of Gemini Divided, and her celebrity crush.


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Kelly Sokol

Author of Breach 


Q. How do you develop your plot and characters?

A: In both Breach and THE UNPROTECTED, I “met” my main characters in moments of crisis. The details provided my first understanding of Marleigh and what a desperate situation she was fighting to escape. We often use the word detail to mean something insignificant or not worthy of note. In fiction, telling detail is so important. 


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