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New Releases—November 2022

New Releases—November 2022

The One Just South of Paradise is the O’Neil family’s nickname for their rustic fly-fishing lodge on a remote cay on the edge of the Out Island Bahamas. Here and on the majestic saltwater flats to the north is where South Florida surgeon Jack O’Neil finds solace and...

PenCraft Awards Three Koehler Books Authors

PenCraft Awards Three Koehler Books Authors

The 2022 PenCraft Book Awards selected three outstanding Koehler Books Authors: John Carenen’s Keeping to Himself was chosen as the Southern 1st Place Winner in Fiction. Julie Scolnik’s Paris Blue was named the Memoir 1st Place Winner. Dianne C. Braley’s The Silence...

An Interview with Puja Shah

An Interview with Puja Shah

  Puja Shah is a visionary poet who shares her voice through written and spoken word, guided meditations, and teaching. Born in Queens, New York, to immigrant parents, she defied teachers who questioned her English skills by winning countless poetry and short...

Koehler Books Author Joe Palmer Secures Film Rights Deal

Koehler Books Author Joe Palmer Secures Film Rights Deal

The film rights for Joe Palmer's debut novel, A Mariner's Tale, have been optioned by Tristan Productions, Inc., an multi award winning, independent movie production company in New York City. We're delighted for Joe and hope that one day we'll get to see the film...

The Miracle Child

By Kelly and Michael Lang

IN THE MIRACLE CHILD, KELLY AND MICHAEL Lang share their alternating and unique thoughts over the days and years following the tragic car incident that fractured their family and their lives, revealing the power of persistence, faith, acceptance, and above all, the commitment of family, encouraged when a pediatric neurologist calls their three-year-old daughter “the Miracle Child.”

The Silence in the Sound

By Dianne C. Braley

THE SILENCE IN THE SOUND details the devastating effects of growing up with addiction. Growing up with an alcoholic father and an enabling mother, Georgette clings to the loving memory of a childhood trip to Martha’s Vineyard to help see her through the bad times; and now, as an adult, she returns to the island to start her life over. But everything changes when she encounters the mysterious Dock.

Hell of Hosanna

By Kip Langton

IN HELL OF HOSANNA, OWNERSHIP becomes a thing of the past. Now, anyone can have anything-temporarily. Is this hosanna? Maybe on paper. But to James, the “rent and move on” lifestyle is a total hell. And in this hell, his impossible dream of becoming something fuels his transience and passivity. This is reality until one strange day, when the whole thing comes tumbling down on itself and James finally gets the opportunity to break away as he travels to the ultimate unknown in boundless space.


Featured Author

Puja Shah

Author of For My Sister


Q. Your new book, For My Sister, comes out this October. What inspired you to write it?


While the novel is a work of fiction, its themes and sources of inspiration are real. The narrative draws on my own experiences of growing up in Indian culture, and my philanthropy work with underserved women and children around the world, to paint an authentic picture of what human trafficking victims in India go through, and the coping mechanisms they adopt to retain their humanity, their spirit, and to survive long enough for a chance at freedom. It is also based in the bond of twin sisters, echoing the longstanding bonds I share with my own siblings, especially my sister.



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