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Restaurant OSHA: Safety and Security: The Book of Restaurant Industry Standards & Best Practices

Restaurant OSHA: Safety and Security: The Book of Restaurant Industry Standards & Best Practices

Inside this book you will discover:

  • What Makes Restaurants Unique to OSHA
  • Who Must Comply and Why
  • The Scientific Formula for Risk
  • Why OSHA is Applicable to All Restaurant Incidents
  • The Steps to Creating a Culture of Safety
  • How to Recognize Dangerous Conditions


No one heads to work at the restaurant down the street expecting to get maimed by a piece of kitchen equipment. No one takes family and friends out for dinner planning to spend the night in the emergency room waiting to hear whether the surgeon can reattach their child’s fingers. And, no one goes to any restaurant expecting to Eat Lunch and Die!

Unfortunately, these things happen every day–many times a day–in restaurants of all types and sizes across America. In fact, every year, thousands of employees and customers die in restaurants;  millions more are being injured, harmed, sickened, or maimed. Before this calendar year is out, thousands will be dead, tens of thousands injured, and more than 90,000 people a day will become sickened from ingesting restaurant foods and beverages. The majority of these incidents could have been prevented with Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security and restaurant industry standards in place.

Compiled from more than 1,000 hours of research and statistical analysis, Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security was written to help provide restaurant owners, managers, executives, employers, employees, and vendors what they need to know about OSHA and industry standards and best practices in simple language, so they can concentrate on being successful and making money.

The authors of this book operate Restaurant Expert Witness–America’s most visible and prolific testifying and consulting forensic expert witness firm. They provide unbiased opinions pertaining to restaurant and bar industry lawsuits, insurance claims, litigation, and pre-litigation matters. They wrote this book to bring awareness to dangerous conditions that exist in America’s restaurants and to provide easy-to-implement solutions that will help protect us all.

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Self-Published by Howard Cannon and Shirley Ann Walters


Pages: 494
Pub Date: 11-01-2016
Softcover: 89.95 978-1-945614-00-2
Hardcover: 149.95 978-1-945614-07-1
Ebook: 49.95 978-1-945614-03-3


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