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Atonement: Deliver Us From Honor Book II

Atonement: Deliver Us From Honor Book II

When sixteen-year-old Adriana Vazanno is viciously attacked and left for dead at the hands of Turiddu Vanucci, her mother realizes a vendetta is the only answer. But the cunning Turiddu escapes his fate and takes revenge by vowing to kill every Vazanno in Sicily. Rescued by her uncles, Adriana flees Sicily for the safety of America’s lower Manhattan. Little does she know that Vanucci has also moved to her neighborhood and is plotting revenge against her and her five-year-old sister Francesca. Will she escape Turiddu’s revenge in America?


Pages: 250
Pub Date: 04-24-2019
Softcover: 17.95 9781633937949
Hardcover: 25.95 9781633937963


Sharon E. Valenti has a master of science degree from Oakland University and was married to her Sicilian husband for over thirty years. Although she has many published articles in professional medical journals and magazines, five years ago, she decided to change the direction of her career to full-time novelist. Deliver Us from Honor is her first full-length novel.

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