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Walk On

Walk On

In today’s world, grief and adversity are everywhere, causing many to suffer and lose hope. From the depths of darkness and greatest loss emerges an intimate, candid, and raw story of a father’s search for meaning following tragedy. Walk On is a resilience-centered guidebook for overcoming struggle while teaching that the path to a purposeful life filled with kindness, compassion, and service resides within all of us.


Drawing upon his wisdom and leadership experience, Stephen Panus provides real-world applications of indispensable values and traits for becoming the best version of ourselves. We all suffer in some manner, but no matter what happens or how it happens, we all must Walk On.

Pages: 178
Pub Date: 04-16-2024
Softcover: 17.95 979-8-88824-295-7
Hardcover: 25.95 979-8-88824-297-1


The reviews are in…

Stephen Panus has been a publicist, sports agent, artist, attorney, sports marketing executive, and motivational speaker and serves as president of the Jockey Club’s America’s Best Racing brand. Yet the only title that’s ever mattered to him has been father—to his two boys, Jake and Liam. When his elder son, Jake, was tragically killed in the summer of 2020 at the tender age of sixteen, Stephen’s life imploded. He wrote Walk On to confront his daily agony, inspire a renewed faith in living, and regain purpose. Stephen and his wife, Kellie, live in Connecticut with their son, foster daughter, and two dogs.

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