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We Are One: How One Woman Reclaimed Her Identity Through Motherhood

We Are One: How One Woman Reclaimed Her Identity Through Motherhood

Motherhood, for those of us for whom it was never in the cards, can shift the tectonic plates of your being and, in the process, level the life built upon them. Embracing this will shake you to the core and catalyze an expansion that swallows the life you leave behind whole-allowing you to live fully, heal the deepest parts of yourself, and emerge anew, not redesigned but renovated, able to create magic in your life in a way that you might not have accessed without this massive “disruption.”

Our culture teaches us that it’s about balance. Finding time for yourself, making sure you take care of your own needs. I call bullshit. Balance isn’t going to cut it for the kind of women this book is written for.

This book is a guide to motherhood from a completely different perspective. It’s about energy management, soul management. It’s not about balancing your checkbook and budgeting your time; it’s about creating a radical shift in who you are.

Pages: 154
Pub Date: 08-17-2021
Softcover: 15.95 9781646634057
Hardcover: 23.95 9781646634071


Vanessa's work as a life and performance coach began after working as a health coach catalyzed a decade-long study of human behavior and performance. She has apprenticed and studied with the highest masters of the craft, and spent two years working closely with one of the most powerful shamans in the world to understand, on a surgical level, how the complex emotional experiences of human beings influence behavior and can be understood and transcended to meet life's obstacles, reach your goals, and create both peace and prosperity. A certified health coach, she is also certified in the transformational coaching method and master transformational coaching method and has a decade of coaching experience. She has coached hundreds of people across a range of professions, from executive-level leaders and entrepreneurs to professional coaches, therapists, and waitresses. Vanessa understands what gets in the way of optimal performance and how to keep her clients consistently moving forward and inspired to meet obstacles with courage and playfulness.

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