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The Happenstances At The Yellow County Community College A Couple Of Semesters Later

The Happenstances At The Yellow County Community College  A Couple Of Semesters Later

It’s a couple of semesters after the fateful Tri-County Relay Race that changed everything for the crew from Yellow County, Maryland. Charlie is treading water at a dead-end job, uninspired as a writer once again, and taking classes at the Yellow County Community College. Roheed is a successful app developer on the west coast, but his relationship with his girlfriend Florence is on the rocks. Jonathan is the swim team coach at the community college. He’s not living at the Swim and Racquet Club anymore and he’s never looked back. When Jonathan and his fiancée’s wedding weekend brings the gang back together it kicks off another series of happenstances that could mean the end of old relationships, the beginning of new friendships, and the bottling of miniature pirate ships (well except for that last one). A villain threatens the wedding and the gang has to rely on an old traitor, a new flame, and a forgotten family member to hopefully wed Jonathan and his betrothed, keep Roheed and Florence together, and maybe inspire Charlie to get off his bum and follow his dreams.The citizens of Peter L. Harmon’s wonderfully weird fictional Maryland county are back in this essential, esoteric new chapter in The Happenstances… saga.

Pages: 110
Pub Date: 05-20-2024
Softcover: 12.95 978-1-63393-439-9


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Peter L. Harmon is a screenwriter and producer, He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Ashlea, their son Christian and their pug Summer. He studied electronic media and film as well as creative writing at Towson University in Baltimore. He also spent the best summers of his life working and playing at the Cheverly Swim and Racquet Club, the pool where the idea for The Happenstances did its first cannonball.

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