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If Food Could Talk: Stories from 13 Precious Foods Endangered by Climate Change

If Food Could Talk: Stories from 13 Precious Foods Endangered by Climate Change

At issue for everyone who eats food, If Food Could Talk highlights thirteen important foods that will likely disappear in the very near future due to climate change, discussing origins of these foods and cultivation histories, as well as spiritual, socioeconomic, and nutritional impacts. Intervention strategies are highlighted. Each food chapter ends with traditional and nontraditional recipes to prepare and eat these foods while they are still available. We can save these precious foods, and If Food Could Talk is an introductory manual to do just that!


Pages: 176
Pub Date: 08-31-2020
Softcover: 22.95 9781646632374
Hardcover: 31.95 9781646632398


Theodore C. Dumas is an author and an interdisciplinary biomedical scientist with a talent for communicating complex scientific findings in fun and humorous ways that anyone can appreciate. At all levels of his career he has won awards and other recognitions for his teaching and writing abilities. He has published over forty scientific journal articles, three book chapters, and served as a professional scientific writer for three editions of Core Concepts in Health, a widely used college level textbook. Diverse professional health care audiences comprised of nurses, pharmacists, psychological therapists, massage therapists, clergy, midwives, and others appreciate his communication style and his ability to bring science to life with colorful examples and societal implications.

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