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Second Chances

Second Chances

After a toddler’s death drives Cindy Abernathy out of child protection, a new job as a web designer gives her hope-until a grizzly murder threatens to rip it away.

The police settle on the obvious suspect, a young dishwasher placed there by a mental health agency. Cindy is determined to find the real killer, but the dark forces she uncovers threaten to take away much more than her job.

An old boyfriend, a brother with mental illness, and his oddball friends all seem to weigh her down, but now that she needs them, will they be enough to save her?

Pages: 326
Pub Date: 07-19-2022
Softcover: 19.95 9781646637270
Hardcover: 28.95 9781646637294


Bob Schueler is a past president of the Massachusetts Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and former board member of USPRA. A well-known mental health program designer and administrator, he now writes novels set in that world. His first, The 25 Years, averaged 4.9-star reviews on Amazon. Second Chances, his second novel, follows on the first, and a further sequel is nearing completion. He has written short stories and blogs and has had seven letters to the editor published in the Boston Globe. He posts the occasional blog at www.bobschueler.com.

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