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More on Learning Golf: Modernizing #1 All-Time Swing Guru Percy Boomer’s 1942 Classic

More on Learning Golf: Modernizing #1 All-Time Swing Guru Percy Boomer’s 1942 Classic

Give me your slices and hooks; your club-throwing frustrations; your sore backs; your hot-under-the-collar and I’ve-had-enough-of-this-stupid-game temperament. More On Learning Golf is for you! Golfers with perfect swings need not read.

Percy Boomer’s pioneering 1942 golf instructional book, On Learning Golf, earned him entry as an inaugural member into the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame and ranking as the number one swing guru of all time. More On Learning Golf is the only golf instructional book based entirely on Percy’s swing principles and Feel Simple Golf’s groundbreaking mental approach.

More On Learning Golf . . .

  • modernizes Percy Boomer’s timeless teachings;
  • gives five simple, integrated fundamentals to a powerful, accurate, and consistent golf game;
  • ties together the mental and physical elements of the swing; and
  • shows how to use the same swing movement from driving to putting-all of which simplifies the golf swing and makes playing golf more fun.

Read and follow the instructions in More On Learning Golf, and as Percy would say, “Hey presto, that’s a good swing!”

Pages: 308
Pub Date: 08-15-2022
Softcover: 19.95 9781646636730
Hardcover: 29.95 9781646636754


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Paul applies his professional experience in analyzing, improving, and assessing organizational performance to helping guide you in improving your golf swing. Paul adds his passion for golf and admiration for Percy Boomer with John's to offer you More On Learning Golf.

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