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Sweeping Off the Plate

Sweeping Off the Plate

Jim Smith spent forty years on ballfields and courts all over the Mid-Atlantic. He called blocks and charges, balls and strikes, assigned hundreds of officials, and enhanced the stature of sports officiating wherever he worked. Here he shares his decades of blessings and bruises, both real and metaphoric, in a humorous, fast-paced record of his umpiring life. For those on the periphery of baseball and for those with plenty of dust on their own cleats, these stories will make readers laugh and rethink the umpire’s role. Smith offers an inside look at the colorful characters that coach, umpire, and criticize in the world of baseball. Just sweep off the plate and find what’s beneath.


Pages: 278
Pub Date: 07-15-2018
Softcover: 17.95 9781633936782
Hardcover: 25.95 9781633936805
Ebook: 5.99 9781633936799


The reviews are in…

"This is a 'PERFECT GAME' for the reader."

Lee Thomas, former major leaguer and all-star, now special assistant to the general manager of the Baltimore Orioles

Jim Smith has spent his life on ballfields and basketball courts. From his childhood in eastern North Carolina to his college days at East Carolina University and throughout his public teaching career, baseball has been his passion. Now retired from both officiating and assigning an amazing 55,000 games, he shares his poignant and humorous stories with others who share his love of sports.

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