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Everyday Resilience for Everyday Heroes

Everyday Resilience for Everyday Heroes

We all have the capacity for resilience. We all have the capacity to overcome our everyday challenges and move forward with a positive attitude. Sometimes, we just need a little encouragement. Everyday Resilience for Everyday Heroes highlights the four major facets of resiliency: Adversity, Perspective, Passion and Appreciation. Through personal anecdotes, newsworthy tidbits and descriptive analogies, Rob Clark leverages classic storytelling to guide us all down a path toward resilience. Resilience is not complicated. But just because it is simple does not mean it is easy. We all face a spectrum of challenges in our own lives. Everyday Resilience for Everyday Heroes provides us the structure and the strength we need to move forward with courage.


Pages: 204
Pub Date: 09-15-2020
Softcover: 17.95 9781646630257
Hardcover: 26.95 9781646630271


Rob Clark is a professional speaker and the author of Flynndini Lives, a children's book, and Smiling in the Cube, a motivational business book. He has over twenty-five years of direct sales experience and has become one of the leading authorities on resilience in the workplace. Rob has been the subject of numerous articles and podcasts, and his weekly blog, The Resilient Worker, has reached thousands of readers over the past five years. Rob lives just outside Washington, DC, with his beautiful wife, Jennifer, his four wonderful children, Justin, Riley, Courtney, and Cassidy, and his amazing dog, Parker.

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