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End of the Rainbow: A Memoir of a Mother’s Journey

End of the Rainbow: A Memoir of a Mother’s Journey

What would you do if everything you were taught to believe was wrong?

Travel with Valerie as she explains what it was like to become a foster parent, adopt, and be “that mother.” She notices that something’s not quite right but is dismissed, even after the abuse starts. Threatened by professionals and shamed for asking for the support her family needs, she begins to question who she is.

As Valerie embarks on a quest to find the reasons behind her adopted children’s behavior, medical and mental health professionals point fingers at each other, and other professionals blame the issues on medication and a mother who demands perfection. Then one day she finds the strength to start holding the professionals accountable. It doesn’t stop the threats or judgments, but it leads her to the next level as a special needs and mental health advocate.

End of the Rainbow: A Memoir of a Mother’s Journey takes a deep dive into systemic failures, and into a mother’s strength and heart. This is a haunting journey that will make you question the things you thought you knew.

Pages: 264
Pub Date: 06-16-2022
Softcover: 19.95 9781646636884
Hardcover: 26.95 9781646636907


Valerie Dawn spent her youth writing in secret. As a lover of the arts, Valerie has dabbled in acting, singing, screenplay writing, stage makeup, hair, and wardrobe. After twenty-two years of working as a cosmetologist, Valerie decided to follow her new passions-mental health and supporting children with special needs. When she isn't enjoying nature with her family, she can be found with a book in her hands or researching. Now that Valerie trusts herself, she uses the knowledge gained from her experiences and research to advocate for changes. Valerie Dawn strives to prove that even though life can be busy, there is no better time to support, educate, raise awareness, and challenge everyone to think outside of the box. She tells her story to inspire and empower others to break free from fear. Valerie believes that one person can make a difference and create positive change.

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