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Tsaoism is not a work about some new Eastern religion nor is it about some New Age personal philosophy. However, it is about human behavior and why human beings behave so predictably.

It is not meant to be some self-help manual, but it might be that, particularly if you have children to raise. It is essentially Psychiatry 101 made simple and understandable for the average, normal person, whatever “normal” may be. It is meant for professionals and non-professionals alike.

It is a peek into the secret sex lives of women and men plus a clear, scientific explanation of the painful male condition “blue balls.” If this hasn’t piqued your curiosity or interest, then I don’t know what will.



Pages: 204
Pub Date: 01-01-2013
Softcover: 14.95 978-1-938467-00-4


The reviews are in…

Dr. Tom Tsao is a board certified psychiatrist who continues to practice in Virginia Beach at Atlantic Psychiatric Services, a practice he founded in 1982. Over the years, he has taught and supervised students, interns and residents from the doctoral program at Regent University and the Eastern Virginia Medical School where he was a member of the founding faculty (1973). In 2006, Dr. Tsao was honored by the American Psychiatric Association when he was elevated to the status of Distinguished Life Fellow “in recognition” of his “significant contributions to Psychiatry.” His body of work spans decades from the sixties to the present. Dr. Tsao feels truly lucky and blessed to have shared stretches of life’s highway with so many thousands of his “kids,” as he likes to call them, to witness and believe that he, in some small way, helped them grow up to be happier and emotionally healthier adults. His work is intended to be his “gift” to all those who want to better understand their children, themselves and relationships.

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