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A Black Man’s Point of View: Mind, Body, and Soul from the Voices of Black Men

A Black Man’s Point of View: Mind, Body, and Soul from the Voices of Black Men

James Cooley unpacks his thoughts on the challenges that many Black men face due to their ancestors being taken away from their homeland over 400 years ago and forced into slavery and colonization.

Based on history, his experiences, and trying to adjust to being treated like a second-class citizen because of the color of his skin, Cooley highlights how that affects his vision, understanding, and focus in life. This impacts many areas of a Black man’s life, including self-worth and the ability to love, trust, and forgive.

He also discusses the stereotypes that many Black men face today based on the labels society has given them and how many Black men move forward despite this. Most importantly, he conveys that all men, regardless of race, creed, or color, are capable of love, respect, and dignity.

With ten contributing authors, Black men discuss their perspectives, how they feel and adjust to the past and present norms, and how they have overcome adversities and continue to do so.

Pages: 126
Pub Date: 06-06-2023
Softcover: 21.95 9798888240243
Hardcover: 30.95 9798888240267


James Cooley is the author of My Path, The Book of Knowledge, Your Pathway to Enlightenment, and president and CEO of the JC Cooley Foundation-Options & Opportunities: The Choice Program. He has also written and produced several plays and was the director, producer and hosts of Cooley's Fitness Tips, a television show that provided fitness tips and insight for United States Navy active duty and retired veterans to maintain military fitness readiness.

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