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Adopting Secrets

Adopting Secrets

“Why do any of us keep secrets? It’s because we are ashamed of something.”


Kat Clemonte is a bartender in bustling downtown Miami but otherwise leads a hushed existence. She’s lonely, but she needs it to be that way—because for ten years, she has been evading the darkness, shame, and secrets she hopes will remain buried with her twin sister, who died in a tragic drowning at seventeen.


Kat is successful in her invisibility. That is, until polished Trevor Daniels comes to her rescue one night. His giving yet inexorable presence overwhelms her, and cracks begin to appear in her impenetrable walls. But then a bouquet of lilies ends up on her doorstep. Combined with the discovery of letters from her sister, these events suggest it’s only a matter of time before the twins’ secrets are finally brought to light, including some even Kat didn’t realize she was keeping.

Pages: 336
Pub Date: 02-06-2024
Softcover: 20.95 979-8-88824-219-3
Hardcover: 27.95 979-8-88824-221-6


Jessica Noelle has worked as a lifestyle journalist in a small town in Northern California. Her writings now center on the compelling themes of love, family, and tragedy. She studied English at San Francisco State University and spends most of her time with her husband and two babies at their idyllic farmhouse in the foothills of California. She loves to work in the shade of a palm tree on the beach, however, and uses her many travels to inspire her writing. Her words are at times comic, sensual, complex, and transportive.

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