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Leadership by the Book

Leadership by the Book

Leadership is about considering all angles and being willing to pivot and give up on any preconceived notion in favor of finding the best solution. You have to mine the field to find the gold. You have to dim your ego so others can shine. You have to be willing to fail in order to win. Accomplished and successful leaders know this and so much more. Their wisdom is their legacy. Here then are ten authors who we consider to be true leaders.

Pages: 98
Pub Date: 11-02-2018
Hardcover: 34.95 9798888242582


Joe Coccaro has been writing and editing professionally since graduating from Syracuse University, where he earned a master's degree from the prestigious S.I. Newhouse School of Communications. In his more than thirty years as a professional journalist, Joe has won scores of state, regional, and national awards as both a writer and editor. He has worked for major newspapers in New York State, New Jersey, and Virginia. For the past six years, Joe has been a book editor and book writer, currently serving as executive editor and vice president of Koehler Books. Joe has edited more than 200 works of fiction and nonfiction, dozens of which have won literary awards. He has ghostwritten several titles and coauthored three books. Woo-Woo is Joe's first novel published under his name.

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John Köehler is the author of seven books and is the publisher at Köehler Books Publishing. He is an award-winning graphic designer and was the director of Young Life Capernaum in Hampton Roads, a ministry for kids with disabilities. John is the 1991 Boomerang World Champ and coached the U.S. Team to a World Championship in 2002. John is married to his beautiful Patty and father to the awesome Kimmi and Danielle, grandfather to Eli and Lilli.

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