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Ryan Gorman, a former military officer, is general counsel of a major, international, diversified energy company with many subsidiaries. When he is confronted with a series of unexplained murders and attempts on his life amid a corporate merger, he must draw upon his prior military training to solve the mystery, defend the country he loves, and save his life and livelihood and that of his family. Greed, corruption, sadistic criminals, and terrorists challenge more than Ryan’s survival. Can he emerge with his mind, soul, and values intact?

Pages: 332
Pub Date: 04-28-2023
Softcover: 19.95 9781646639762
Hardcover: 27.95 9781646639786


Les Lo Baugh Jr. is a former Army officer, an international energy attorney, and former senior officer and general counsel of several large companies. He has advised the Pentagon, State Department, Department of Energy, etc., spoken and published internationally on energy and legal matters, been an expert witness at the US Congress, and served multiple times as an independent observer at GTMO Camp Justice hearings involving terrorists. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Red Nations International Film Festival, is president of the Hiawatha Institute for Indigenous Knowledge, a Distinguished Fellow of Northeastern University, and a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy.

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